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Kimpa Vita Institute | Institut Kimpa Vita

Kimpa vita institute   institut kimpa vita

A network of young Congolese leaders

About the Creators

The Kimpa Vita Institute was born from a meeting of young minds who refuse to surrender. VISION - The Kimpa Vita Institute believes in a DRC where: the enormous wealth of the Congo benefits the sons and daughters of the Congo and Africa at-large; the Congolese people control and determine the affairs of the Congo. MISSION - Forming a group of engaged, mobilized and organized young Congolese leaders in the Diaspora. These young leaders will have the ability to influence the environment outside of the Congo while supporting the actions of the groups inside the country so they may unite their efforts to enable the DRC to assume its rightful place as a major power on the African continent and throughout the world. A leadership training will occur every year until a critical mass is achieved whereby social justice change in the Congo becomes inevitable.

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